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Residential Energy Efficiency, Contractor Training, Community Outreach

Lowering energy bills makes homes affordable while improving home comfort.

A drafty home, rooms that are too hot or too cold, mold and high energy bills are all common issues for homeowners. A quality installation of a new heating or air conditioning system, buying replacement windows, or adding more insulation may fix part of the problem. But the way to better results is through an integrated "whole-house" approach that looks at your house as a system.

US Weatherizing's network of contractors trained in building science deliver investment grade home improvements from air sealing and insulation. Your dedicated project manager assures quality work to national standards.

 US Weatherizing is a leader in Advanced Air Sealing training and contractor best practices. We also offer third party quality assurance to inspect and verify contractor’s work for community and utlity energy programs.

US Weatherizing has been awarded an ARRA funded grant for energy efficiency contractors in Colorado. The funding will underwrite training for 100 contractors and is certified for 3.5 CEUs for BPI certified contractors.